Beautiful clothing shouldn't cost the Earth

Right now, there is no such thing as a 100% sustainable fashion brand, but we can do our best to make small, significant changes towards that bigger goal.


After all, it's about progress - not perfection.


That's why I'm bringing it back to focus on the locally crafted, the made to order, the more considered approach with a respect for Papatūānuku, our Mother Earth.

My sustainability promise

I will continue to learn and elevate my knowledge and adapt our operating practices where I can to ensure we leave the smallest footprint. That way, you can can continue to embrace your fun-loving colourful side - without it costing the environment.

Sewing Machine

The process of slow

From concept, sourcing and pattern making, to sampling and sewing, every Billie Zinzan garment is made in my Northland studio.


Our Foundation pieces are made to order, which means there is no excess stock - I don't start cutting and sewing until an order has been placed.  That allows you to choose your colour, fit and style to suit you.


All of our Editions pieces are made in very limited quantities so that you have something unique to cherish for years to come. 

Designed to last,
beyond a single season

Part of the Billie Zinzan design ethos is to make clothing that is inherently timeless, transcending trends and focusing on developing a signature style that enables our customers to embrace their happiness and confidence. Our pieces are designed to last far beyond a single season, transforming for different occasions, seasons and lifestyles.

Fashion Illustrator
Dry Cleaning

Fabrics with a light footprint

From the outset, we wanted to use fabrics that have a lighter footprint on the planet. It was so important, we delayed the launch of the brand by months to get the correct fabric! 


Lenzing Tencel and OEKO-Tex certified linen are both versatile and durable, they wear beautifully and retain their quality even as they're washed over and over again. Many of the other fabrics we use are natural fibres and come from local suppliers (including deadstock options), while continuously searching for even better, more eco-friendly solutions. 


Our goal is to produce all Billie Zinzan garments from sustainable, organic and up-cycled fabrics, and continue to find innovative solutions for the production off-cuts.

Delivered in environmentally-friendly packaging

Every order is shipped in an r3pack recyclable courier bag, made from recycled plastics. Your garment is wrapped in FSC certified tissue and paper, and comes with clear instructions on how to care for your new item.

Blue Package