Custom orders

**Fully booked until June 2022**

Have you got your heart set on a certain item? Or do you want something exclusive for a special occasion? As well as my foundations collection, I also offer a custom design process where we can dream up something totally unique together. Whether its for a celebration or just something you can't find, the custom design process allows us to work together to create that perfect piece. Have a look at the custom process below and fill out the form  - let's get started on making your dream a reality!

Custom enquiry form

Let me know how to contact you.

The custom process


After our first consultation where we will discuss your vision, I will sketch 2-3 designs for you to choose from. At this point, I will also give you an estimate for the pricing.


Once we have decided on the design of your garment, I will send you an invoice with the price we have agreed upon.

Finding your fabric

This is where the fun really kicks in! Based on what we have discussed, I will source fabric and trim options for you to choose from. I can post them to you for approval or we can catch up for a coffee to go over the details.

Making magic

Once everything is approved, the production of the garment can take anywhere from 4 - 12 weeks depending on the complexity. I'll keep you posted with regular updates.

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