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Billie Zinzan is a contemporary New Zealand womenswear label, and a celebration of life, colour - and the magic within all of us.

Named after my great grandmother, who came from a time when clothes were made with purpose and care, I hope that when you put on your Billie Zinzan – you feel empowered and ataahua (beautiful).

Kia ora, I'm Zara!

After working as a fashion designer in New Zealand and London, I've returned to Northland to build what truly makes me happy. Billie Zinzan is a label inspired by a place of happiness, steeped in colour, good vibes, and a feeling of coming home. 

Tropical Leaves


I believe the future of fashion lies on a slower, more considered path than one we have operated on before. So, Billie Zinzan is bringing it back to the locally crafted, the made to order, with a respect for Papatūānuku, our Earth Mother.


With a passion for colour, I set out to create clothes that I love and wear often. I want everyone to feel welcome and included in the Billie Zinzan community, its colour and joyful dressing for all.


It's bold, it's colourful, and it's the change I want to see.


My great grandmother Sybil Margaret Zinzan, lovingly nicknamed Billie, came from a time when clothes were made slowly, with care, the purpose and wearability were considered, and they were made to last. I grew up being told of her renowned sewing talents and tales of fabric piled high on the dining table ready to sew pyjamas for the war effort. 


To this day, I still have one of her tops made in the most beautiful metallic fabric. It must be at least 50 years old - proving that well-made, loved clothes really do last. Her ethos and dedication to her craft are what has inspired Billie Zinzan.

Pictured here on the far right, she is with her husband Martin Brooke (whom she called Eric after her mother decided it was a far better name), and her four children. My grandfather is in the back middle. 

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